Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gudugudiya sedi nodo...........

Gudugudiya sedi nodo... is a song for few minutes... but if you look deeply in to the lyrics and meaning in it, is well above life.
These were magnificent thoughts of saint Santa Shishunala Sharifa.(1819-1889).He was poet, philosopher with great deed and need to help and socialise the people.
Santa Shishunala Sharifa used technique of spreading a message with help of poems and singing them in public.There are no hand written poems by him and are only passed to next generation by practice.This proves out the strength of them.
He was born as only child to the Muslim couple in a small village called Shishunala in northern part of Karnataka(Haveri),He used Dharwad kannada in all his poems.Believed in Hinduism and was also converted to Brahmin caste by guru Sri Govinda Bhatt.His guru Sri Govinda Bhatt andShrifa shared very good relation and were well in sync with giving a social message.He was also Teacher for few years later took on the responsibility of spiritual search.was like common man but carried a lot information with him.
To his credit there are many other songs/views, to name few
taravalla tagi ninna tamboori swara
kodagana koli nungitta
sorutihudu maneya maaligi
haakida janivaarava sadgurunatha
Gudiya nodiranna Dehada gudiya norinna..
Mohada Hendati teerid balika..

There was Kannada movie with his name and which was musical hit were composed by C.Aswath.Tunes of this movie songs have great lyrics and will definitely mark note in the heart of listener.This movie included in the lead, actor Sridhar and Girish karanad, and is a must see in the list.
Karnataka Government gives award every year with his name in the field of Music, and is compared with Kabir das of Northern part of India.Very recently I was going through the novel by President APJ Abdul Kalam "IGNITED MINDS",I think he is the only political youngsters love.He mentioned that to transform India to developed nation five things to be considered "Education,Health care,agriculture,IT and communication, and later included in the listSpirituality which is our country is rich of. He considers these Saints and seers as equal to Scientist and respects them a lot.
This Song gudugudiya Sedi nodu..was recently sung by Raghu dixit a musician from Mysore, very well composed. He is follower and is inspired by shishanal sharif.Once he was performing at Japan and people forced him to give the English meaning of this song and few lines converted to English to Japanies language.
So I made an attempt to find English meaning of this song,courtesy to Google,U tube and wikipidia articles and some information from my sister Savita a teacher.A lot of thanks to Shishanal Sharif the legend and also Raghu dixit for this beautiful song.
Shishanal Sharif is not only the person to be remembered his thoughts and views to be followed...
Use below link of U tube of the song sung by Raghu dixi
Gudugudiya sedi nodo Gudugudiya sedi nodo
vodalolagina roga teredu idyado oh...Gudugudiya sedi nodo Gudugudiya sedi nodo
manasemba sanchiya bicchi dinadinavu maho ambo bhangiya kocchi nenevembachilumeyahacchi buddhiyesuvantha kendava mele nee mucchi
Gudugudiya sedi nodo Gudugudiya sedi nodo
Smoke the hookah smoke the hookah smoke out the disease inside you
Open your mind and throwout the daily feelings,
Burn the chillum called faith with help of burning coal called intelligence.

[feel good, open the small cloth bag called mind take out the hash called lust and crush it put it in a chillum called faith light it up with burning coal called intelligence]

burudi yembodu shareera idanaritu sukrutakkittu kolavi aakaara,
kolavi aakara varashishunalanemba neera tumbi
arivemba ariviya hoccho mojugaara
Gudugudiya sedi nodo Gudugudiya sedi nodo
think brain as the body,shape as of chillum.
fill with water of lord shiva[varashishunala]
close this with cloth with regret/feelings... magician..
Smoke the hookah smoke the hookah smoke out the disease inside you
shuddha gnana maelaeri daaridra deha suttu, hogeyu haaruvudu buddhivantara yeledu
shuddha gnana maelaeri daaridra deha suttu, hogeyu haaruvudu buddhivantara yeledu
varasiddashishunaladeeshana torvudu
Only good thoughts(feelings) will raise up, bad things will get burnt
your fumes will only bring intelligent people near you, as your thoughts are good.
You will near to lord shiva [varashishunala]
Smoke the hookah smoke the hookah smoke out the disease inside you


Sunil Kumar A said...

Hey Ravi, You did a exellant work dude,Superb hidden talent.. that too about my all time fav person Santa Shishunala Sheriff..good writings Ravi, continue to write like this.

Gudday said...

waaaaaaaaaaaw good one...
continue dude, this is one of my fav.. songs.

vishal said...


Most of saint's songs tells all about spirituality. He managed on those days to take it to the villagers common, illiterate), to educate them about eternality through beautifully composed folk songs. He tried to change the bad rituals of society, all he has done is composed heart melting songs do that. we should really proud about all the saints like gadagad madivalajja,shivanand swamigalu,siddharudharu.

Its really good job ravi sir. keep on writing like this. entertain us.

Anonymous said...

Thank u for the valuable information.
Keep going....

Akshaya Dave said...

It takes going above oneself to put an effort like this , esp in a world that doesn't have time to remember s .s . sheriff .

You in your own way have justified the song , " Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo ." with this effort.

Ankit said...

Great lyrics..thanks ravi:)

Candy said...
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Candy said...

Dude. I was thinking the comp was breathtaking. Your research on this song adds a lot of meaning and how much the song needs to be treasured :) Thanks a lot bro!

Sharath said...

I think i found what i was looking for. Thanks a lot...

Sayan Mukherjee said...

thanks a ton for the effort !
am sharing the link of this page. there are lots who wanted to understand this song better.... thanks from them too!

Anudeep said...

Thanks for sharing the lyrics with meaning..

Anonymous said...

excellent lyrics and with a superb singer singing it..... love u Rahghu dixit....keep it up...

Unknown said...

Good job

Unknown said...

Good job

Abhishek Dixit said...

Can anyone tell me where can I get to watch the movie "Santa Shishunala Sharif", I am nowhere getting this film.